Monday, 28 January 2013

LOVE- probably not a good description of my first attempt at paper piecing....

When Kristy of asked for volunteers to test a new paper piecing pattern I sent her a message that although I've never paper pieced before I was willing to give it a go.
The pattern duly arrived and Kristy assigned me LOVE in capitals as they are easier than lower case apparently!
First I printed out the pattern letters and read the instructions. I thought I'd start with V as it had the least pieces- big mistake, those angles really got me! Lots of unpicking and looking at tutorials online and I thought I had it. Only, I hadn't read the instructions before I'd printed out he pattern, so I hadn't printed it out without scaling, the result? A block that was 1/4 inch too small ********!
Start again and this time the letters L and O have been made, hurrah.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to tackle V (again) and E. I'll let you know.

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